January 15, 2016

How Would YOU Fare?

Used to be that we knew who The Enemy was (the Commies) and what to do about it (build a cinder block bunker in your backyard with the help of the government brochure).

Nowadays, tho, there is no single threat but a myriad of threats: terrorist attacks, super volcanos, pandemics, total economic collapse (or at least hyper inflation), solar storms, CME's and just plain old hurricanes, flooding and tornados knocking power out for who knows how long.  Look at Hurricane Sandy - there were people without electricity for well over a month and that was "just a bad storm".


If your power and water were turned off for a month, and for a month you could buy no gasoline, nor go to any store, HOW WOULD YOU FARE?

What would you eat? What would you drink? How would you make that cup of coffee in the morning? And cook? How would you see once the sun went down? Bathe? What's that?

You want to be able to say Hey! No problemo here! and that is what I'm here to talk about, to share knowledge about, because it IS doable guys (and female guys - we should be friends if we're gonna talk life and death and living thru god knows what).

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